Capo 4ª

G6                                                       C7M  A7/4  G6

last morning when i turned my face

                                                    C7M  A7/4  G6

i lit a joint & asked the mirror "why"

                                                         C7M  A7/4  G6

i hit the street with eyes all wrong

                                                                      C7M  A7/4

my heart was filled with all that we could be

               C7M    A7/4

then i realised that


there are one million things

          C7M                      A7/4      G6

that i need to know by heart

 C7M                       A7/4

i need to know by heart


              D                   C7M

how to feel and to survive

             D                            C7M

how to face the ones that die


how to end up, and how,


to get start.

  C7M                     A7/4

i need to know by heart.