C7(9)(6)                A7(4)            

i woke up naked, I was outside
thunders, thunders lightin' up all I had inside    
the policeman came and asked me why
i said I got the money
claimed my hands and pat my backs
said I was funny



funny was I ?


C7(9)(6)                A7(4)

i woke up naked, I stole a car
drove through the boundary
called up Chico he asked me What
i said meet me at the foundry


C7M  Bm7  Am7  D7/9



Gm6                          F7/9

i met him down on a cheerful morning

   Fm7/9     D/F#         Gm6

at the local place for murders


all of a sudden he spoke his mind

          Fm7/9       D/F#       Gm6

and I spoke my mind just moanin'


we held hands, he showed me drugs

  Fm7/9          D/F#          Gm6

i laughed and said I'm yours, babe


come here while my heart beats for you

        Fm7/9   D/F#       Gm6

and fuck me like your mother



and his mother was,


his mother was,


miss universe.