It's such a special night

                  Bb               C                                   G

My friend Julius came around and brought me some
Glasses of bad advice

              Bb                   C

Brought twenty words around


And dropped me home


Said i been getting tired
Getting home
Getting wrong


Getting high tonight

But i gotta take the last express blues

               G#       Bb   G#    Bb    G

'fore the ceiling runs out and loose


What do you know, boy?

         Bb                  C

I got twenty words around


And you can't see


And around my house there is
              C                  G

A white cloud of jealousy.


Cause i ain't the right man


I ain't got the right words to say


But i gotta take the last express blues

               G#        Bb      G# Bb   G

'fore the feeling blows out and loose

G            Bb                     C                 G

And you know we better go before today

                 Bb                          C                                G

Cause my manners aren't as right as the ones you say

               Bb                 C                              G

And the day is gonna come we're gonna lose

                 Bb                      C

I'm gonna treat you like a boy

               G   Bb   C   G

And we..

      Bb                 C                             G

But i ain't gonna tell who's right or wrong

Bb                           C                         G

Cause somehow tonight i'm out of me

Bb                   C                       G

Then i hit the street i felt the breeze

Bb                     C               G

When i arrived there was nothing but a tree

Bb                           C                  G

But there were no fruits nor history

Bb                       C                             G

Only a buncha fools who were askin' me

        Bb               C                              G

How i couldn't resist what it'd done to me

   Bb                  C                           G

So i ain't gonna tell who's right or wrong

              Bb                    C                  G

And the man is going to tell Andrioli