C                 Am      Em

Love is the word I said a million times

F        G6

Love, slow

C                Am       Em

Love is the word I meant to say all the time

F         G6

Love, gone.

Bb                          Dm

God left my hand, I fell into the ice

Am                        G6

There was nothin' there, I couldn't breath

Bb                   Dm

I started to cry when you said goodbye

Am                        G6

Your kindness sheltered my life from any harm

C                Am          Em

Love is the word you said a few times

F             G6

Love, so far.

C         Am    Em

I never knew how was this love

F           G6

Tough, love.

Bb                           Dm

I'll never forget what took me out of bed

Am                          G6

Made me sweat and will make me go back

Bb                         Dm

I shut my eyes everytime it gets dark

Am                       G6

Cause I hardly know, I hardly know what's

C   Am   Em   F   G   C