i gazed a forgivelessness star
thinkin' about my life
i've been so old and young nowadays

fell in love twice
i found love three times
i found another world

the boys downtown are selling birds
selling you and i

they said you've gone away
i didn't believe'em then

her eyes became a strange old led
a red bleach in my sight
i dreamed about the world i was gonna find

i opened my eyes, i checked out the time
i heard my name, there was no one to blame
i thought about the next shoes and it wrecked my mind
i thought about the day i was not gonna find..

then you came back again
i felt so happy then

look, our cats and dogs
are lying together on the grass field
they smoke the same cigars
dreaming about the one, the one they love

so dream, babe, babe about the one you love
this way you're gonna fill the world with love
this way you're gonna face all your days with certainlies

babe, babe, babe dream about your love.