Am              C                       Am

i never sang words so sad


i never carried the world in my head

F            Em                    F

but the words i used to say

             Em                       F

don't fit anymore on our way

                      G                   Am

not even that blood talkin'

         C                     Am

you'll find me gone soon

            C                   F

maybe till the next noon

                Em                  F

and your life will be so calm

                     Em                        F

without sad pictures on your home

              G                  (Am C)

nothing but happiness

               C                                  Am

no more mornings filled with smiles

               C               F

no more sensitive sighs

                               Em               F

cause the way you treated me today

                          Em                     F

showed me i'll never see you again

                                 G                  (Am C)

and i'm wearing so well this pain